Classes of the week

Monday - Jelly Bean Quiz:

The most popular Quiz on Eccy Road is back! The Jelly Bean quiz, formally held at the Botanical has found a new home here at Champs on a Monday night! Featuring favourites such as Pointless, Countdown, Family Fortunes and many more this quiz has something for everyone. And if you’ve never experienced the famous Tortoise Race, then it has to be seen to be believed. With fantastic prizes to be given away each week, be sure to join us for the next Jelly Bean quiz from 8PM!


Thursday – TITNF (Thursday is the New Friday)

Its true, Thurday here at Champs is the new Friday! Simply bring your student cards to unlock our crazy offers:

£2 Selected Pints

£1 Vodka Mixers

£1 Wines

£1 Jager Bombs

And many more offers to get your hands on, Champs is the only place to be on a Thursday night!


At Champs we love a good party, so for special events for things such as the Superbowl, Royal Rumble and many more, be sure to look out for event updates on any of our social media sites.